Learn the skills to care for your mind

Digital cognitive behavioral therapy app

Learn the skills to care for your mind

Digital cognitive behavioral therapy app

Use Cases

Wishing I could spend days that go by too quickly more mindfully.
Wanting to become more self-aware by learning how to reflect.
Needing a place to process your thoughts when I'm feeling gloomy or my mind wandering.

The App Designed Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Support You Anytime, Anywhere

Self-monitoring: A Way to Record and Visualize Your Condition and Emotions at Morning and Night

The first step to better coming to grips with your thoughts and emotions is by performing self-monitoring. With Awarefy, you can record all kinds of data pertaining to your mind and body. This data is routinely analyzed to help discover tendencies about yourself that you may not have realized.


Personal Credos and To-be Lists: Aids in Forming Habits to Reach Your Desired Self

With Awarefy, you can tell the app what sort of person you wish to be today and discover the things that are important to your life. Instead of having to-do lists that dictate what you "should" or "must" do each and every day, you'll have to-be lists that will help orient you towards becoming your desired self.


AI-recommended Mindfulness Meditations

Awarefy includes a wide array of audio guide training and relaxation exercises that can be started any time, anywhere. These include mindfulness meditations that are focused on reducing stress and increase concentration, among other things. These audio guides have been created under the supervision of professional experts, so you can rest assured that what you're practicing is both safe and healthy.


Various Features to Improve Self-understanding


Monitoring your health every morning/night



Uncover your personal values

Today’s ToBe


Tiding your event/feeling/mind

Emotion Notes


Wide your thoughts and relief the feeling

Column Technique


Incorporate energizing actions into your everyday life.

Self-Care Routine


Carry lists of your own stress coping mechanisms

Coping Repertories


Mindfulness meditation and sleep improvement

Audio Guides


Delivered summaries of your daily records

Weekly Reports


Understand your current state of mental health

Psychological scales

The Utmost Privacy for Recording Your Thoughts

Awarefy protects your privacy by encrypting all data transfers that take place. For especially sensitive information, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) is employed on your device to keep it safe and secure.

You can write thoughts and concerns on Awarefy that you might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing with friends or on social media with total peace of mind.

Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Research Conducted with Japan's Waseda University

Awarefy Inc., the company that manages Awarefy, has teamed up with the Behavioral Medicine/Hiroaki Kumano Laboratory at Waseda University's Research Area of Clinical Psychology in its Faculty of Human Sciences to perform joint research, investigating mental health care techniques as they relate to Awarefy and conducting verification experiments.

As a result, you can be confident that the features included in the app incorporate real techniques found in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) that are employed by experts when they offer psychological support, such as when counseling.

We conduct our own research on mental health indicators, as well, and routinely inspect and study the effectiveness of Awarefy on a daily basis.

User Voices

User Voice



Allows you to enjoy some features free of charge

  • Emotion notes
  • Check-ins and check-outs
  • Select audio guides available
7-Day Trial
1 Year for the Price of 10 Months

Enjoy the full suite of features for a deeper, more convenient experience

  • All starter plan features included
  • To-be Lists
  • Self-care notes
  • All audio guides available

In-app transactions for the iOS version are processed via the App Store, while transactions for the Android version are processed via the Google Play Store.

Additional features for premium plans will be added over time.

Self-care with CBT and Mindfulness


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