What do I need to register an Awarefy account?

What is Quick Start Mode?

Can my data be transferred if I switch to a different smartphone?

Can I change my email address and/or password?

I forgot my password.

Is there a way to lock the app?

I forgot my passcode and am now locked out of the app.

Is there a way to delete my account?

What will you do with my registered and input data?

If I delete the app from my phone, does it delete my account, as well?

Premium Plan

What does the premium plan enable?

Is there a free trial option available?

How can I purchase a premium plan?

I'm subscribed to a premium plan, but changed to a different device. Will my data be transferred to it?

How can I check my premium plan subscription status?

Does a premium plan subscription renew automatically?

Can I switch from a monthly plan to a yearly plan or vice versa?

How do I cancel a premium plan subscription?


How can I disable notifications from the app when I don't want to receive them?

What operating systems does Awarefy support?

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